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Acter v1.24.2126 back on the stores with revamped task lists labs & several chat improvements

The years started out rough for the engineering team with several issues and problems in the build process (from build errors to the publisher breaking their UI) leading to a few of the weekly releases not making to all the supported store consistently. This is, hopefully, finally over with today's release. So while that is still being build and at the time of reading might still be in review, let's take a peak into what has changed.

Revamped Task Lists & Tasks labs

We took some of the quiet down time during the holidays and put together a larger change on the task & task lists feature and improved the overall infrastructure around it: in a test-driven fashion we implemented due-date selection and self-assignments as well as the assigned tasks properly showing up on your dashboard. Additionally the UI was completely overhauled and throughout that process several bugs were fixed. You can read more about it on the corresponding PR. Here is a video showing the test runner in action from that PR (it gets interesting from 1m01):

Explanatory Empty States

If you are a new user or are onboarding some other users you will notice that we have adapted many spaces with empty space fillers now. These are explanatory screens instead of just a "no item found" giving a better expression what the user is meant to expect here and, if they have the permission, and invitation to start their own first entry. Stuff like this:

Chat improvements


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