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The Acter Association

The Acter Association stands at the intersection of technology, activism, and democratic principles. As a hybrid of a startup and a non-profit, Acter is pioneering a path that leverages the agility and innovation of the tech world to bolster grassroots movements aiming to change the world.

Make a donation and support critical digital infrastructure to amplify the power of civil society.

About the Acter Association

The Acter Association is providing critical digital infrastructure to amplify the power of civil society.

This is what we are focusing on. 

Technology that Matters in Activism

  • Empowerment through Accessibility: By integrating cutting-edge technology, we make tools and resources more accessible to activists.

  • Enhanced Communication: Technology bridges gaps, allowing for instant, widespread communication among activists and supporters.

  • Data-Driven Strategies: Leveraging data analytics helps in crafting more effective campaigns and understanding impact.

  • Local Impact, Global Reach: Our focus is on nurturing local movements with the potential for global influence.

  • Community Engagement: Encouraging active participation from community members to foster a sense of ownership and commitment.

Startup Agility PLUS Non-Profit Ethics

Startup Approach

  • Innovative Thinking: Encouraging creative solutions to complex problems.

  • Adaptability: Staying flexible and responsive to the ever-changing landscape of activism and technology.


Non-Profit Principles

  • Democratic Decision-Making: Ensuring that all voices are heard and valued in the decision-making process.

  • Commitment to Cause Over Profit: Prioritizing social impact over financial gains.


How We Blend Both

  • Agile Project Management: Adopting methodologies from the startup world to stay efficient and goal-oriented.

  • Ethical Framework: Grounding all activities within a strong ethical framework typical of non-profits.

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Acter's Governance Model

Acter's governance model reinforces our focus on democracy, transparency, and community and emphasizes the goal of leveraging technology for social change.

Key Elements of the Governance Model

  • Mission and Values: The guiding principles, mission, and values of Acter will be clearly outlined and maintained to reflect our commitment to using technology for social good.

  • Open Governance Process: The development and evolution of our strategies and projects will follow an open governance process. This approach ensures transparency and community involvement in decision-making.

  • Independence and Integrity: A framework will be in place to safeguard Acter's independence and adherence to its core goals, avoiding external influences that could detract from our mission.

  • Legal and Ethical Framework: The structure and rules governing Acter will be formalized in a set of legal documents. These will serve as the foundation for our operational and decision-making processes.

  • Balanced Leadership: The governance will be managed by a balanced group of individuals who are committed to upholding Acter's mission. This team will include representatives from both the foundational team and external contributors, ensuring a diverse range of perspectives.

Goals of the Model

  • Fostering Community Participation: By adopting this model, Acter aims to engage more actively with its community, encouraging participation and feedback in its initiatives.

  • Ensuring Alignment with Core Values: This governance structure is intended to keep all of Acter's activities aligned with its foundational values and mission, ensuring consistency and integrity in all its endeavors.

  • Promoting Transparency and Trust: An open governance model enhances transparency, building trust among supporters, collaborators, and the wider community.


Acter is registered as a non-profit association ("Foreningen") incorporated under Danish law by the number DK43740547. Acter is the sole owner of all copyright, intellectual property and trademark relevant content.

The Acter Association

‍Filmbyen 11A
8000 Aarhus, Denmark

CVR: 43740547

Represented by CEO: Emil Vincentz
Phone: +45 91 53 01 08


The Association is comprised of a democratic membership of individuals working for or contributing to Acter and Organizations using Acter. Further more individuals and organizations donating can become "Supporting Members" (without voting rights).

The Association is democratically organized with each member having one vote and electing a board to stir the organization between general assemblies. The board is overseeing executing and implementations of the strategies set out by organization.


We happily accept donations (regular or one-time) as SEPA bank transfers to:

Acter Association
IBAN: DK45 8401 0001 1654 73

Bank: Merkur Andelskasse

if you require a receipt or any other kind of confirmation note please inform us about your (regular) donation ahead of time via an email to


Emil Vincentz_edited.jpg

Emil Vincents



Benjamin Kampmann

Product & Tech

Common Questions Answered

1 / What does "becoming a supporter" mean?

"Supporters" are non-voting Members of the association. Depending on your contribution we offer to provide additional services and features on our servers to you as well.

2 / What responsibilities do I have when becoming a supporter?

Other than supporting Acter there are no additional responsibilities you take over by becoming an "Acter supporter", legally or otherwise.

3 / Why do you need an address?

Because through a regular donation you become an "official" supporter, which is a non-voting membership status of the Association, we need to be able to identify the individual.

4 / Can I pay by other means than PayPal and Credit-Card?

Yes. Unfortunately, via the automatic payment provider we can only accept a limited set of payment systems. But we also accept payments via SEPA Bank Transfers. Please email us at with your Name & postal Address so we know who that is from.

5 / May I gift a supporter Membership?

Yes. You can

  • either buy a one-year membership through our ko-fi shop,

  • just add the recipients address during the regular checkout

  • or if you want to do it via SEPA Bank Transfers (once or recurring). Please email us at with their Name & postal Address (if known) so we know who that is for.

6 / Can I donate without becoming a "supporter"?

Yes. You can just provide a single donation by switching from "Membership" to "Donate" in the top of the donation widget. You can also provide regular donations via SEPA bank transfers to:

Acter Association
IBAN: DK45 8401 0001 1654 73

Bank: Merkur Andelskasse

7 / Can my organization become a "supporter"?

Yes! The supporter membership status is not limited to individuals, you can also submit that in the name of your organization. If your organization also uses Acter, however, please email us at .

8 / Any other way I can support Acter?

Yes! There are various ways you can help Acter:

  1. join the Acter online community,

  2. spread the word, on- and offline

  3. contribute (code, work, experience...)

9 / I have a different question...

Please feel free to contact us or email us at with your inquiry.

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