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Civil Society deserves good tech, too

Grassroots, activists and clubs use big tech, because no better alternative is available to them.

We are here to build it.

Why Acter?

Acter is a non-profit association, leveraging
technology to support civil society organizations
and their ability to drive systemic change.


Effective Organizing

Our objective is to foster an environment that enhances connective action, focusing on streamlining the collaboration process and reinforcing community engagement. By doing so, we aim to facilitate more effective and impactful collective decision-making. This involves creating tools and platforms that simplify the way individuals and groups come together, share ideas, and coordinate efforts, ultimately leading to stronger, community-driven outcomes.



Protective Tech

We hold the view that effective tools for changemakers should incorporate decentralized structures and End-to-End encryption. Such features are essential in safeguarding them against various forms of attacks, ensuring their efforts remain secure and uninterrupted. By prioritizing these elements in tool design, we can provide changemakers with the robust and reliable resources they need to carry out their transformative work safely.



We are convinced that collaborating with activists from diverse global backgrounds forms a potent strategy for nurturing inclusive and effective solutions. This approach of co-creation taps into a wide range of perspectives and experiences, essential in our collective pursuit of change. By embracing this diversity, we aim to develop solutions that are not only impactful but also resonate across different communities and cultures. 



Civil society drives change.

We build stellar technology to empower activists and grassroots to thrive.

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