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The Effektio Whitepaper

November 2022

Acter3 is build using the decentralized protocol upon what was previously called 'Effektio' . Beyond some technical aspect this Whitepaper explains the landscape, goals and long-term aspirations that lead to the development of Acter.

What is covers

What it is

What are we building here? What is Acter about, what are its aims and goals? All this is covered in the white paper.

Why it is needed

Surveying the landscape of existing projects shows what is missing and why Acter with its specific goals and plans is needed.


The white paper covers trends we are seeing, like decentralization, Web3 and Web5, but also increased censorship and communication interference.

Read it now

We are strong believers of Building in Public, what is the reason for laying out all the goals and aspirations, background and plan to sustain growth and development in this white paper. It’s also why all our code and project management is on Github and the tech discussions happen in an open Matrix room.

And that is also why we are posting the white paper as a Google Doc which anyone can comment on. Your comments and feedback are welcome – just keep it civil and constructive. Of course you can also just download the PDF version and read that 🙂 .

- Ain't nobody got time for 30 pages! -

Executive Summary

Asked and Answered

What now? Is this Effektio or Acter?

This is the EFFEKTIO whitepaper outlining the baseline for what we are building in Acter. Acter Aps and EFFEKTIO merged in January 2023 and since then are just known as Acter. The EFFEKTIO whitepaper is from before the merge.

How far is it?

The Matrix protocol already exists and is used in practice by many organizations around the world. The Acter app, a first attempt to implement the idea outlined in the EFFEKTIO whitepaper, is still under development, but a preview is already available for Android, iOS & iPad, Linux and Windows.

Decentralized? So, what Blockchain is it built on?

No blockchain at all, but via, a decentralized messaging network.

How can I help make this a reality?

As a (mobile) developer, you can find our code on Github. The app is written in Rust and Flutter. We have a public planning board and open tech discussion Matrix room.

If you are working for a a group or organization, for which this sounds interesting, please contact us. You can use the form on the contacts page or email us at partnership [at]

I have a comment...

That’s not a question. But if you have any constructive comments, feedback or input, you are very welcome to put it into the Google Doc or email us at effektio-whitepaper [at] You can also join our foyer Matrix channel, where we discuss anything and everything.

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