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Welcome to Acter!

A secure space to gatherengage and grow your community!

Explore Acter

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Co-created by a global community of activists, movements & NGO's

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The Future of Organizing

Say hello to the platform that aligns with your values.

Looking for a tool to create impact with your community? 

Acter is here to help you lead the charge.

With powerful features to organize action, you and your peers can mobilize and coordinate like never before. 

Acter is co-created with users and operated independently, ensuring inclusivity and alignment with your values and goals.

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We build Acter to protect activists and their mission

With Acter, your data is completely private.

Most activists and grassroot organizations do not have access to safe and effective digital tools, resulting in limited impact and even directly threatening grassroot activists and their engagement.

Acter offers end-to-end encryption, limited metadata collection, a decentralized model, and a low data mode for those with slow internet connections, ensuring secure and private access to organize change.

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Drive Engagement
Increase participation and selforganising.

Effective Organizing 
Streamline communication
and collaboration.

Safe and Secure

No surveillance, tracking
or censorship.

Explore Exciting Features

Acter is unique, safe and effective.

Send Secure Messages

Chat with others just like in any messenger, but without identifying yourself with a phone number.

Use a multi-toolbox

Use tools and features like public and private groups, update feed, calendar, to-do lists, pins, and many more.

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100% private and secure

Acter's decentralized structure protects data from hacking and censorship, and its end-to-end encryption ensures content is secure.

Fresh & engaging

Acter comes with a fresh and modern design to make it easy and fast to use, allowing a smooth onboarding process.

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