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Acter v1.23.1214 on the Apple Mac App Store with chat message edits and improved multimedia previews

After what felt like an endless odysees we can finally announce that

Whop. Whop. 🎊🎊 Pew. Pew.

It is hard to overstate how happy we are to have finally found that really annoyingly small bug that lead to Apple rejecting our submissions. We might be posting an extended explainer about our journey there so others don't run into the same issues. But for now, we celebrate that it is done and we are officially supporting Acter on Apple through the convinient Apple AppStore for Mac now.

Message Edit and multimedia viewing

And that release brings some interesting updates none-the-less. As you know we are releasing a preview to all distribution channels every week with all the latest fixes from our workshop at the moment. But we aren't always advertising each one on the blog (but you can see a changelog for each release on github if you care), but only when major changes have been deployed, like the SuperInvites two weeks ago.

But aside from being available on the Mac AppStore we have also added a few improvements that are interesting to everyone: For once, you can edit chat messages now:

Additionally, we have reworked the way multi media messages are dealt with in chat, which fixes several longer-standing bugs. For once you can now choose a different source for the attachment on iPhone and Android, including using the photo gallery and camera and you can video the image and video right from the chat as well as in full-screen mode:



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