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Come see us @CCCamp or Matrix Community Summit!

While still sort-of under the radar back at FOSDEM this year, we will be officially present with Acter at two upcoming tech community events:

Matrix Village at Chaos Communication Camp

This summer the German Chaos Communication Camp is inviting again for their week-long hacker camp taking place every four years. After two successful runs it will take place in the former brick factory (now museum) in Mildenberg, about an hour north of Berlin, August 15.-19th. 2023. You can find all details about it here.

As many other communities some of us Matrix people also got together and convinced the best c-base to allow us to cohost a Matrix Village at camp. For all those days, you may find yours truly - Ben from Acter - at that tent we will call our home. It's gonna be great! Swing by and say hello!

Matrix Community Summit in Berlin

A very same group of people you might find at the CCCamp will also be organizing a Matrix Community Summit again this year. After last years success we agreed that a new installment at the same location is to happen. Aside from myself being a coorganizer and helping out at the event, Acter will also be presenting the latest state of the App there -- and you might get an early access to a freshly released app version as well.


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